The 2018, Ever So Boring Yet Important Post on LinkedIn Image Sizing and Character Limits

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Like eating enough broccoli, getting a good night's sleep, and paying taxes, there are some things in life which, though hardly exciting, are essential to your everyday world.

Today's post, ladies and gentlemen, is basically the broccoli of the LinkedIn world.

Yes, it's time once again to look at the numbers and get to grips with the character limits, size restrictions and other valuable bits of information that you'll need to create a compelling LinkedIn profile, avoid getting your content marketing cut short, and otherwise make the most of your LinkedIn presence.

But wait, didn't we just do this a year or two back?

We certainly did, but look, things change. It isn't unheard of for LinkedIn to alter settings, play around with profile limits and essentially make earlier versions of this guide redundant.

That's why it's so important that we go through a completely revised and updated guide to LinkedIn character limits and image sizes, and why you'll find it useful to keep this guide in your bookmarks for future reference.

LinkedIn Profile: Basic Information

Let's start with the absolute basics shall we?. Whether you're drafting a brand new profile or planning a complete overhaul, these are the numbers you'll need to keep in mind:

  • First Name: 20 characters
  • Last Name: 40 characters
  • Professional Headline: 120 characters
  • Vanity URL: 29 characters
  • IM (Instant Message): 25 characters
  • Address: 1000 characters
  • Website Anchor Text: 30 characters
  • Website URL: 256 characters
  • Phone number: 25 characters

Doing a little graphic design to make your profile stand out? Here's the image sizes you've been looking for:

  • Profile photo: 400 x 400 pixels
  • Background picture: 1584 (w) x 396 (h) pixels

Both pictures come with a maximum file size limit of 8MB.

Top Tip:

Find that your background image isn't looking as sharp as you'd like? LinkedIn has some advice for you:

“If your background image appears blurry or pixelated, please choose an image with a file size as close to the maximum as possible, as images with larger file sizes typically look better. Photos will also look better than images with logos.” 


LinkedIn Profile: Individual Sections

With your basic information taken care of, it's now time to tackle those sections that really make all the difference to your online presence. Here's what you need to know:

  • Summary: 2,000 characters
  • Experience Section Position Title: 100 characters
  • Experience Section Position Description: 2000 characters
  • Interests: 1,000 characters

Top Tip:

Not sure how many characters you've used so far? Don't want the hassle of using the word count feature in your document to find out? Look out for the Dynamic Character Counter which does the job for you.

LinkedIn says:

"As you fill out the different text fields, a dynamic character counter will appear above the composition box to let you know how many characters you have left."

What Happened to the Additional Info / Advice For Contacting Section?

LinkedIn got rid of it for reasons mysterious and unknown. Instead, make sure that your 'Contact and Personal Information' section is filled in with relevant contact details, websites and chat IDs.

You'll find that section to the right of your profile page, above the list of users labelled "People Also Viewed."


Publications is technically another LinkedIn profile section, but I wanted to highlight this separately to let you know that you can add as many as 50 co-authors to any given publication, which is useful if many people have contributed to a white paper, report or other material.

Meanwhile, you'll have the following character limits to list those publications:

  • Publication Title: 250 characters
  • Publication Description: 2,000 characters

Content Marketing

OK, you've made an impressive and now it's time to go out into your network and shine. From a simple status to a captivating article, here's your numbers:

  • Profile Status Update: 1300 characters
  • Company Page Status Update: 700 characters

Top Tips:

  1. Much like Facebook and Twitter, you can mention someone in a LinkedIn group discussion by using the @ symbol. Type @, and then select the person's name from the drop-down menu that appears. This also works if you're posting a group update.
  2. The limit for a status update from your company page used to be 600 characters, which is why some third-party social media tools like Hootsuite will often yell at you with a big error message if you try to go over that. My advice? Ignore it. Where possible, go ahead and schedule the post anyway. It should still post the whole status, even if you go over 600 characters. Having said that, do you need to go over 600 characters?


Here's some more content marketing character limits you need to know:

  • Publisher (Article) Post Headline: 100 characters
  • Publisher (Article) Post Body Text: 40,000 characters
  • Image or Photo Credit (Under Article Image): 250 characters


Speaking of photos, here's your quick-reference guide to image sizes for LinkedIn articles:

  • Cover image: For best results use 744 x 400 pixels.
  • Images within articles: Maximum file size limit of 10MB.
  • Article main image: 1200 x 644 pixels.

LinkedIn Groups

Groups can be a very useful way of connecting with others in your industry, discovering and discussing latest innovations and best practices, and generally making the most of your time on LinkedIn.

As with everything, they come with their own character limits, which are as follows:

  • Discussion Subject Title: 200 characters
  • Discussion Body (Thread): 2,000 characters
  • Discussion Comments: 1,000 characters
  • Discussion Subject 2,000 characters

People and Contacts

Thinking of reaching out to a potential new contact? Drafting a recommendation for that contractor who produced some outstanding work for you? There's a few character limits you need to know about:

  • Writing a recommendation: 3,000 characters
  • Adding a personal note when sending an Invite to Connect: 300 characters

LinkedIn Company Pages: Basic Details

Finally creating that company page you've been meaning to set up for ages? Giving your old page a complete revamp? Here's the numbers you'll need:

  • Company Name: 100 characters
  • About Us section: 2,000 characters
  • Status Update: 700 characters
  • Company logo: 300 (w) x 300 (h) pixels
  • Overview tab image: 360 (w) x 120 (h) pixels
  • Cover image: 1536 (w) x 768 (h) pixels.

Top Tip:

For your company page, you can technically get away with a cover image as small as 1192 (w) x 220 (h) pixels. However, for the best-looking results, stick with 1536 (w) x 768 (h) pixels.

LinkedIn Company Pages: Showcase Page

An extension of your overall company page, your showcase page can be a powerful tool for drawing attention to a particular brand, division or business area.

If you're creating a showcase page for your business, here's what you'll need to know:

  • Name: 100 characters
  • Description: 200 characters
  • Banner image: 1536 (w) x 768 (h) pixels

LinkedIn Company Pages: Showcase Page

Finally, career pages are another useful section of your company page, which provide prospective employees and potential partners with a unique insight into life at your organisation.

LinkedIn can tell you more about these pages here, but for now, let's look at character limits and image sizes:

  • Page Name: 50 characters
  • Company Leaders Headline: 150 characters
  • Company Leaders Description: 150 characters
  • Employee Testimonial: 400 characters
  • Custom Module Title: 150 characters
  • Custom Module Body: 500 characters
  • Custom Module URL Label: 70 characters
  • Hero image: 1128 (w) x 376 (h) pixels
  • Custom Modules 502 (w) x 282 (h) pixels
  • Company Photos 264 (w) x 176 (h) pixels

Top Tip:

Wherever possible, try to use photos and images with little to no text to avoid the mess that can sometimes occur when your page is viewed on a mobile device.

LinkedIn says:

"Your Company Page is available on multiple devices and screen sizes. Sometimes, we may have to adjust the cover image to best fit the screen. This can involve trimming the image horizontally or vertically. We recommend uploading a high-quality image with as little text as possible to ensure an optimal display on all devices and screen sizes."

Are there any character limits or image sizes that I've missed? Is there anything else you need to know to help you create the perfect LinkedIn presence for your personal or corporate brand? Reach out and let me know!



Sonja Firth loves working with executives and key business leaders, supporting them across the complex and ever-evolving digital landscape. Using social media and online content to market brands, individuals and ideas globally. As a LinkedIn specialist, she’s used LinkedIn in her own businesses for over 5 years and as a consultant using LinkedIn for clients from a wide range of industries. Sharing her LinkedIn knowledge through in-house and public workshops and soon to be available online short courses.

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