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Podcast - Interview by Liz Van Vliet


Liz Van Vliet wants to be an indispensable Executive Assistant. She is on a mission to discover the skills and attributes that will make her irreplaceable. By interviewing awesome Executive Assistants (EA), Personal Assistants (PA) and Administrative Assistants (AA), she hopes to uncover the qualities that make them indispensable. Do they shine because of how proactive, loyal, reliable or trustworthy they are? Is it because they are resourceful, efficient, dependable and dedicated? There are a multitude of titles for the role of Executive Assistant and a myriad of hard and soft skills that are listed in job descriptions, but what is it that differentiates awesome, amazing and indispensable assistants from the rest. Liz also shares her own experiences on the road to being indispensable. The tips and techniques, the successes and the failures. Sharing her learnings in order to help others avoid the same pitfalls, allowing listeners to benefit from her research into the skills and capabilities needed to exceed the expectations of her business leader.

Ep 6. Sonja Firth: Pioneering Virtual Assistant & LinkedIn Trainer - Download
In the first interview for the Being Indispensable podcast, Liz interviews Sonja Firth, an Executive Assistant who epitomises the description 'capable'. 

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